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Discover how to post YouTube videos to your WordPress blog on auto-pilot!

How many times have you read how adding fresh content to your site or blog on a regular bases is one of the best ways to generate free traffic?

Well one thing you soon realise, is you need to be able to make time to create and post that content on a regular bases. Which you probably found out very quickly is time consuming! or even worst you get sidetracked with other projects and you forget to create new content to add to your blog...

And so what happens is your blog starts to get less and less visitors, your blog goes stale and goes down in the search ranking!...
Well Today I'm going to Solve That problem for You!

If you use the WordPress blogging software, you're in luck. Because I'm giving you a free plugin that adds YouTube videos to your blog on auto-pilot. Simple activate and setup the keywords based on your niche, and let the plugin do all the work!

Wordpress YouTube Plugin can post and dripfeed videos hourly or daily. Not only will it post the actual video, but also the description, the tags and also the comments..
The other cool part to this plugin, you can Humanize the video posts, for example if you setup a keyword to post videos every 3 days, the humanize feature can post at random times, so it looks like a real person is updating your blog! It's amazing, you can also get it to bring in the videos and not post them till you have checked them.

If you want to see it in action please watch video I have done for you Wordpress YouTube Plugin - Videos On Auto Pilot


Price: $19.97

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