Next Level Mentoring

It has been a privilege to lead many of you for over a year now in your different endeavours I have loved it.

To see some of you grow from quiet and timid folks to now getting out there and taking charge and working with the offline markets or doing whatever it was that scared you half to death.

WOW is all I can say….

Here is the video below with my offer and help to you all.

If it is not going to work for you that is fine if it is and you want to carry on then that to is all ok. I am making this offer as I have been asked by many of you to come back with an offer of help, so here it is.

Here is what you get:

  • 6 Months more access to both Gary and or My self
  • 1 Site Cloned of your choice
  • Access to all new software
  • One day long workshop (Melbourne) sometime soon
  • Access to all our training packages
  • Access for 12 months to IMM Academy
  • Access to FB Easy Page Builder
  • Access to our Wrinkley Mail Package. It’s awesome ( will show more later)
  • 2 10 minute calls a month for motivation or big question moments

If you want to carry on with the most amazing training and access to the latest information then click the button.
Signup Here At Which ever button is right for you :-)


Australian Options

Single Payment

2 Payment option

New Zealand Options Single Payment

2 Payment Option


We have one more option for you as many asked for an easier way and well we are here to help you so here it is.
offer is the same but the payments different, some are just getting their business up off the ground now so don’t have extra cash but really want to carry on with the mentoring. So here is the solution.

9 Payments of $300 AUS (if New Zealanders want to carry on we will make a button for you)

Same peroid covered till 31 December.
Please press the button below and lets get going :-)


Please email me if you have any questions or comments etc, am here to help
Gail and Gary

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