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All things Internet is a weekly Radio Show where we cover anything to do with internet marketing getting your business online. Selling Marketing your Business, Product or Brand.

All Things Internet Radio Show

I was approached and asked why I had not done a Radio Show. I guess I had never thought about it really. Then the local radio station got in touch and jumped at the idea of both myself and Gary hosting a radio show every week call “All Things Internet” I am so glad Gary is there as it really is lots of things to do to make the show All things Internet really tick along. Buttons to push, all over the place, music to find and then topics to cover every week. Now that has been abit difficult as I am used to being able to show people what I am talking about while doing a webinar but this is all so different.

So we have 6 months of radio shows ahead and really once I get to the studio it’s a whole lot of fun.

Here is why I went ahead and did the whole Radio show broadcast.

Think about it, 6 months at 30 minutes a time. That is a whole lot of programs and a whole lot of data that I can now take and produce into all sorts of great products. I have enough information here to put into a membership site, e-books, MP3′s and also into Video. Let alone what it does for my credibility. 6 months is a long time to run a radio show for someone who has never done this before. Roughly that’s around 24 different products that I will produce through the program.

Plus I also get to go on some of the other radio programs as well to share on there.

Why am I sharing this with you well… easy, because local radio stations are always looking for great radio hosts, topics and subjects to be talked about by normal people. I am sure that you could be one of those people, as I am also sure you know something about a niche your into that needs to be shared.

Take that information and share it on the local radio station, get your following, then also take all your broadcasts and turn them into a product of some sort that could be sold or given away in exchange for name and email. There are many options…. Good news is you don’t have to do all this yourself. There are outsources that will do transcribing, that will take your MP3′s and turn them into videos, build you a website or membership site. You do what you are good at then ask someone either on to help you out with the rest.


You have information in you that needs to come out :-) ..

If you don’t know how to do all this then let me help you. You can contact me on the contact button, share with me what you have and what you want to do and I am sure we can get something happening for you.

What do we talk about on All Things Internet… well that’s easy…. all things Internet. We talk about the things listed below and as the weeks go on there will be more topics. I just love to share. So here is a link to the Community Radio Station that we have our show on which is every Monday at 2pm New Zealand time. You can search for the show and listen to older shows also you can go to the All Things Internet website where we have all the shows on there to listen to.

Here is a sample… all about using Trademe to make money online….

Trademe Podcast


All Things Internet is an INFORMATION website run in conjunction with our weekly Local Radio show. We are devoted online marketing professionals who know and understand the internet and how frustrating and confusing the Internet can be for both home user and business owners alike. You will find all things Internet a very helpful site and am sure find many answers to those questions you have about Online Marketing, Social Media, Making Money Online ….. Travel on round the site where we will discuss all things Internet.

  • How to make money Online
  • Your Business Online
  • Does your website Suck
  • 5 Strategies to get customers to your website

more topics to come each week….

Check out the Radio show and the website, it has information there for both Newbies and those of you abit further along, for those of you just starting out on the Internet and what to do and how to do it, to those of you who have a business online or offline and are struggling to get customers or the help you need to get your business into the 21st century.
Wherever you are on the scale All things Internet is there to help you, so just go check it out :-)



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