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Gail is no smarter than you, no more clever, no more computer savvy – but what Gail is, she shares with you.  Gail iGail Bottomley Online Marketing Specialists visionary, she sees what others don’t.  She understands that to achieve at the very least you have to try.  The success that Gail has is no fluke, she is not charmed, or uncannily lucky.  Gail works hard to succeed and she wants to share this success with you.

Gail was born in Dunedin – the 2nd of 5 children.  Not one for traditional learning, Gail went to school to be told time and time again that she was ‘dumb’ and that she wouldn’t amount to anything much (she tells me now that she would love to do a little Porsche wheel spin on a certain teachers lawn!).  Rather than sitting back, agreeing and selling out for the life of a victim – Gail got motivated.

Over the years Gail, along with her husband Gary, have been involved in a number of start up businesses.  From chimney sweeping to perfume importation, coffee sales and machine installation to sauna sales (that was quite the diversion!) – where there has been a niche Gail has given it a go.  Some businesses flourished and were sold for quite a profit, some didn’t – but for each an opportunity to learn and hone those entrepreneurial skills.

Gail and Gary’s first real foray into technology was in 1991 with Computers and Parts Unlimited (CPU).  Gail needed a new family computer, annoyed with the amount of tech speak and the lack of genuine customer service offered by local stores, Gail did just what you would expect her to do (once you get to know her, this will not surprise you at all!) she started her own store.  Crowding first the kitchen table, then barrelling through to the lounge, then the garage and still growing, Gail and Gary opened their first commercial premises in Hamilton in 1994.  Eventually employing 45 across 5 branches; working across all aspects of computer sales, after care, repair and second hand sales – Gail had more than proven that she wasn’t ‘dumb’.

After selling and giving up the 9am to 5pm grind (or in Gail’s case 7am to 7pm!) – Gail logged online and into her new future.  Meeting Brett MacFall, co-founder of the World Internet Summit, was the catalyst that launched Gail’s online success story.  Brett became Gail’s mentor and Gail became Brett’s star pupil.
Online Marketing SpecialistWorking with Brett opened Gail’s eyes to the potential that was not only for her, but that was possible for anyone who is prepared to commit some time and passion.  Gail quickly noticed that there was a place for a hands on trainer.  Someone who would not only help fill notepads with pages of notes – but for someone that would take the time to work with students on their actual websites.  Listening to their sometimes frustrations, their successes, helping out and adding valuable insight to help students outrank and outsell others.  Adding credibility to Gail’s tutelage is the fact that Gail is practising what she is preaching, Gail is first and foremost an Internet Marketer – making her living from her 100’s of websites.

This is now Gail’s passion – guiding, motivating and mentoring her students.  Gail has come full circle – from being the student who was told she would never achieve to now being the teacher who will do all she can so that you do achieve.

Remember – you are capable of so much more than you think you are.

Gail is available to speak at your event. Please contact her, she will be pleased to help and assist.

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This Press Release (below) was released out into the papers etc in and around my home town. I could hardly believe this was me I was reading about.

Me….. a Teacher …….and then teaching people how to make money while they sleep… now here I am, through a set of amazing events I am where I am right now.

I failed English and everything else at school… I was in 3G and then 4G at High School, it wasn’t possible to go any lower than that unless you stayed another year in a previous form…. School was not for me that is for sure..

Told time and time again as I grew up that I would be nothing and do nothing.

I almost started to believe that nonsense…. Just on another note, what gives anyone the right to speak such nonsense into another’s life… I would love to go and rub my success into the nose’s of them that should know better. :-)

So here begins another journey in my life.

I am married and have been for 30 plus years, have 3 lovely daughters and 2 beautiful grandchildren….. Life is wonderful and interesting, never a dull bring moment that is for sure.

I love family, friends, business, travel and many of the really small things in life…

One of the great things I love is to see people fulfil their drams and desires… it is a perfect end to the day.

I look forward to finding you personally on my journey, come to a seminar and say Hi… we may even get to do coffee…

The Internet is one of those wonderful places where you can meet the best people….make money…. and gather info….

So whatever is your desire I hope you find it…. And if I can help you on your journey then drop by and let me know.



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