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Congratulations on reaching the official website of Gail Bottomley:

Let Me Show You How To Use The Simple Power Of The Internet To Create The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams.”

I’ve said it many times at my seminars….

“You are capable of much more than you think you are.”

How do I know? Because I am a living and breathing example of that statement.

I never believed that I was capable of anything great or amazing, and here I am today traveling the world teaching people how to be successful On-Line and how to create the Lifestyle of Their Dreams.

Time and time again I was told that I had little to offer society. I am so glad I did not let the Dream Stealer’s take me and my dreams captive.

Through my years in business I have tried many types of business’s, some have failed and some have been highly successful.
I have made more mistakes and spent more money than most trying to find a way, a better way to make money fast. You know.. I wanted the magic Red Button. I’ve made nearly every mistake in the book. I have tested what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s one thing I know for sure….

There is NO Easy Push Button System That Works Consistently… Things Change on the Internet.


There are however tried and tested ways of doing things. And there is of course the Fast Way and the Slow Way. Today there is no reason to take the slow way, When there are people and systems out there that will help you to get where you want to go quickly.

Want To Know The biggest lesson I have learned?

Here it is. The biggest lesson,  It is to find a Coach, or a Mentor, someone who can hold your hand for a time and point you in the right direction. that’s the fast way. What is the slow way? It’s to go it alone, and sort out your own answers.


We all know how easy it is to get distracted on the Internet..and when that happens you end up going in this direction and that direction.. in the end you have..No Direction…….

Would it not be better to go the fast way?

For over 3 years I have taught and trained others in my easy hand holding way to get their own business online, then showed them how to drive traffic to their site.

I was the recipient of the Certificate of Recognition, Business Women of the Year Award in 2001 , for my inspiring contribution to women in business, and I have gone on to inspire many women and men to take control of their lives and their business.


Nothing makes me happier than to see someone achieve their goals. It just blows me away.

I offer a number of solutions to help YOU get a business On-Line whether you have one yet or want to have one.

I just love to take your Off-Line Bricks and Mortar business and put it On-Line. Then show you how to drive traffic to your website.

No matter where you are in the world I have a solution to help you get On-Line and making money.

This is what they have to say

“$10,000 a month”

We attended one of Gail’s Seminars in New Zealand a while back, we were taken back by the amount and value of the information she provided us, so much so we signed up to her Internet Training for Newbies course and we have never looked back, we now earn $10,000 to $20,000 per month from multiple streams of income online and this includes consulting to other companies about Social Media Marketing strategies. If we didnt meet Gail we certainly wouldnt have been here today! Thanks Gail!
Dion and Lisa Wiremu



“there are crumbs on and off the table..”

I joined Gail’s program 12 months ago and have been successful in setting up a good side income building websites for small businesses. One of the things that I found to be really good was that Gail provided me with so much information in so many aspects of Internet Marketing, that I was able to choose which particular avenue or niche I wished to pursue.

I have the highest commendation for Gail’s programs and the Internet Marketing Monthly Academy. I have attended countless workshops presented by experts in a wide range of fields. In terms of practical hands-on assistance to get people started and for ongoing support, Gail stands head and shoulders above the rest. I’m talking about coming home from a conference all excited about the possibilities and what the future might hold, only to be left thinking “where do I start?” and “now how do I go about it?” That was not the case with Gail. She is a teacher in the true sense of the word. If you are committed to succeed in this field, then the IMM Academy will provide you with ALL the necessary support and teaching to help you achieve your goals.

Gail has a favourite saying “there are crumbs on and off the table in Internet Marketing”. I have been fortunate to access these “crumbs” and I have found them to be lucrative and plentiful. The opportunities in Internet Marketing are many and varied and far from being exhausted.

Gail is at the leading edge of Internet Marketing. She does prolific research to ensure that she is always up to date with the many changes that are implemented by Google and Social Media organisations. I have been delighted with our ongoing association and if you choose to join the IMM Academy, I trust that you will experience what I did: “Gail promises much and then over-delivers on what she offers”.

Bill Teggelove, Melbourne, Australia
Small Business Websites


More Testimonials…

thank you Gail for the most wonderful experience

Gail … when I say that this is one of the BEST decisions I have made – it is such an understatement – I find it hard to say in a short testimonial how much MORE you actually GIVE a person in all your teaching –  there are so many positives flowing from learning internet marketing and the way you teach it.   I feel like I am changing as a person in such a amazingly positive way  …  since I have been your student I feel more empowered, I feel more confident because I am learning more …  I feel excited all the time because instead of lying around after work ..  now suddenly there isn’t enough time in the day —  to achieve all the exciting things you teach us ….  I feel excited and looking forward because I know I will always have something fun to do ….   I could go on and on ….  Your webinars are tops and a real force to keep going on this exciting journey.  I just love the way you teach, your humour and how “real life” it all is …  thank you Gail for the most wonderful experience.


thank you, for changing my internet world.

Hi Gail
Just want to say a big thank you, for changing my internet world.  I had purchased several programs in the past all offering to make big money.  That was all they were big promises with nothing to back them up. They gave you all the theory but no step by step guide.
That is where your program is so different.  I attended your sneaky workshop in October in Hamilton.  This was the best thing I could have ever done.
Not only was the weekend fun, I also came away with lot of tools to use to replicate the process.  I have since created a further two websites and can finally say I have made my first $1 online.  I haven’t made the big time yet but I now can see the possibility and know it is not just a dream.

Many thanks once more
Fiona Collins

Is it easy? Yes it could be said it is easy if you follow the system, it’s certainly simple.

Everything I have on offer with my mentoring will help you in Your Quest to have the Lifestyle You Want and Deserve

If you’re an absolute beginner or have a little more experience then you will find answers from me in how to Get Maximum-Exposure On-Line. How to sell YOUR Product, Your Service.

Other than this, you can surf around my site and check out other bits and pieces I have for you, including what I am up to and where you can see me live. When my webinars are, and what software I have that will make your life easy in building websites and getting traffic.

I can help change your business life….

Thanks for showing us how and your support.

Hi Gail,
Just wanted to drop you a line in appreciation of your expertise and knowledge ……in these times, with many claiming many things… its refreshing to learn from a business woman as genuine as yourself  – who willingly shares the techniques and information that keeps us on track in this ever changing world of “online”.  Constantly up with what’s happening…….mindful of our current situation and patient with our varying rates of progress!  Little successes leading onto bigger successes.  Thanks for showing us how and your support.
Grace G



Gail brings a wealth of business experience

“ When I first heard Gail speak at the Internet Mastery seminar in March this year I was knew she had a lot of offer my team in getting our Internet Marketing Strategy together.

And this has certainly been the case with Gail joining my team for hands on training to teach us many new tricks with internet Marketing and Social Media.
We have been selling on the internet for some years and have just built a new website with a lot of changes, such as Video and blogs.
Gail has helped us to understand how Social Networking fits into our business strategies and to map out a path for us. Many preconceived ideas have been brushed a side with Gail’s no nonsense and clear approach to business on line. We have moved quickly in a short time and there are many new initiatives in the pipeline and we look forward to working together as we put into practice the many ideas and strategies we have learnt.

Gail brings a wealth of business experience and knowledge into her training which is a real bonus for people she works with. I have been especially pleased with the working relationship we have quickly developed with Gail and my team.

I sincerely recommend Gail as a vibrant and interesting teacher of the new way to Market on the Internet and I know she will always add value, inspire people and deliver the very best ideas.”

JAK  Jakicevich

Owner/Managing Director, Glengarry Wines
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You can check out my blog and also my Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also contact me on the tab above. I would also like you to take advantage of the FREE Video Series that I am giving away on this page. These are video’s that I have out together to help you in Your quest to get on line. If you want to get Online and don’t know where to start then I have the IMM Academy especially setup for you with hands on Step by Step training. I am the Online Marketing Specialist offering amazing Online Marketing Courses

If you want lots of great Internet Advice to help you Learn Internet Marketing then this site will be most helpful.

I look forward to perhaps meeting you one day in person hearing about your success!

There are so many ways to make money online these days, if you are struggling to make it happen then maybe you need some One on One Training, I would love to help with that. Please contact me and let me know what you want and I will do my best to help you.

Maybe we could meet at my next big event which will be coming your way in the next year.

Best Regards,
Gail Bottomley


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